Glue on Lashes

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Glue on Lashes

Get the lashes you deserve. The best thing about these glue on lashes is that they're so easy to apply. You can be glam in moments! The strip lashes are made from a thin, high-quality, soft synthetic material that is comfortable to wear. Apply with eyelash glue adhesive that can be applied with an eyeliner brush or Q-tip. Glue on lashes are the perfect way to finish your look and give your eyes a boost.

Glue on Lashes specifications

False Eyelashes: Glue on Lashes
Glue on Lashes Material: Synthetic Hair
False Eyelashe Length: above 1.5cm
False Eyelashes Band: Plastic Black Band
Style: 3D
Glue on Lashes Type: Full Strip Lashes
Glue on Lashes Style: Thick
Manufacturing Process: Hand Made
Quantity: 1 box 20 pairs

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