Magic Cloth Makeup Remover

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Magic Cloth Makeup Remover

The knitted micro-fibre Magic Cloth Makeup Remover relies only on water and tiny micro-fibres to penetrate and wash away oil and grime.

The only thing you need is the reusable Magic Cloth Makeup Remover and warm water! An ultra-soft woven polyester-blend cloth is free of chemicals that remove all types of make-up. Yes!!

How to use our Magic Cloth Makeup Remover

Simply wet with warm water. Start removing all your makeup from the different areas of your face and skin. Repeat as necessary. Keep your Magic Cloth Makeup Remover clean by throwing it in the washing machine. If you're a lazy person with sensitive skin who hates waste, our Magic Cloth Makeup Remover is for you!

How does the Magic Cloth Makeup Remover work?

The Magic Cloth Makeup Remover works better than a normal flannel or cloth as it is made of tiny threads. The tiny threads are useful because they assist with friction. The fibres can hold onto the makeup and lift it from your skin making you feel refreshed. The magic cloth can grab more makeup with less force and therefore causing less irritation.

As the fibres are smaller, they can get under finer particles of makeup and achieve more thorough cleansing.

The cloth also has great absorption so that when you do wipe away your makeup, it doesn’t just get smeared around. Instead, it attaches itself to the cloth because the fibres bind the dirt and hold it better than regular cloth.