Magnetic Strip Lashes

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Magnetic Strip Lashes

These Magnetic Strip Lashes can really hold the pose. No glue. No mess. No-fuss. No patches between your lashes. And they won't even touch your lids. Tell your friends about the super-cute, full lash look you get without the mess. The false lashes are magnetized, so you don't have to worry about any glue or magnetic eyeliner.

The most natural-looking, most comfortable magnetic strip lashes on the market!

Magnetic Strip Lashes


How to Apply Magnetic Strip Lashes

The false lashes come with Magnets that 'Click' together with your natural lashes in between!'s as simple as that! No Glue, No Mess! 

Be mesmerized by magnetic strip lashes and say goodbye to extensions forever and discover micro magnetic technology that creates long, thick lashes that look natural.


  • Step 1: Apply Mascara, Before you apply Magnetic Strip Lashes, add a light coat of 4D mascara to your natural lashes to enhance the final look. This technique also gives your Magnetic Lashes something to cling onto, which makes application much easier.


  • Step 2: Apply The Top Lashes, When you get your lash kit, you’ll notice a top row and bottom row. As you may have guessed, the top row is designated for the top of your lashes, and the bottom row is designated for underneath your top lashes. To get started, take the first top row lash and place it as close to the lash line as you can get.


  • Step 3: Apply The Bottom Lashes next, you’ll take the bottom row lashes and place them underneath your top lashes, as close to the lash line as you can get. The magnetic strips will connect as you do this, locking your Magnetic Strip Lashes in place. If you need to adjust, simply grab the corner of each lash strip gently and pull to reposition.

Magnetic Lashes features

REUSABLE FALSE LASHES>> Wear your Magnetic Strip Lashes time and time again for up to a month!

WATERPROOF FALSIES>> Wake up and go. No-fuss makeup application that doesn't come off when you sweat? Yep, we have it right here! 

VEGAN LASHES>> Give cruelty-free lashes a try. Use vegan lashes without guilt!


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