Ten Magnet Eyelash

  • $39.00

Ten Magnet Eyelash

Go big & bold with our Ten Magnet Hold! 

Have beautiful eyelashes in SECONDS with our 10 Magnet Lashes. Our Magnetic Lashes with 10 Magnets have 10 X MORE HOLD! 

Ten Magnet Eyelash 

QUICK & EASY TO APPLY >> Apply our Magnetic Lash and Liner in seconds!

REUSABLE FOR UP TO 35 DAYS >> Save money with our Magnetic Lash and Liner 

WATERPROOF & LIGHTWEIGHT >> Our Magnetic Lash and Liner is durable & strong, smudge-proof and as light as a feather, you may forget you are wearing them!

VEGAN-FRIENDLY >> Our Magnetic Lash and Liner are Vegan Magnetic Eyelashes and are made from Grade A Synthetic Fibres & NEVER tested on animals. The Guilt-Free Magnetic Lash!

SAY GOODBYE TO EYELASH GLUE>> No more itchy eyelids! Magical Magnetic Lashes and Liner with 10 x the power!

Our Magnetic Lash and Liner is made from advanced silk protein fibre so that means..NO ANIMAL HAIR = NO CRUELTY = VEGAN LASHES

10 Magnetic Eyelash Contents:

2 Pairs of 10 Magnet Lashes

1 x Magnetic Eyeliner

1 x Eyelash Application Tweezers

Is it now it is time to Unleash your Lashes with Magnetic Lash and Liner that last all day and can be worn time again for up to 35 days?! Our Magnetic Lash and Liner is EASY TO APPLY, WATERPROOF and they look amazing! Be ready to turn heads with our Fuss Free Magnetic Lashes data-mce-fragment="1"> NO GLUE REQUIRED!