Viki Magnetic Lashes with Liner

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Magnetic Lashes with Liner

Keep it simple with magnetic lashes with liner. They’ve got all the style and glam. They’re fast and simple to apply, and they'll help you get ready in a flash. Let’s face it. You haven’t got time to spare. And an extra 20 minutes every morning to apply false lashes when you're in a rush is the last thing you need. Magnetic lashes with liner that can be applied in seconds? Yes, please.

Magnetic Lashes with Liner features

QUICK & EASY TO APPLY >> Easy, fast application. Magnetic Lashes with Liner is applied easily in just seconds.

REUSABLE EYELASHES>> Be glam on a budget. Viki Magnetic Lashes with Liner are safe and reusable so you can save money by not buying expensive lashes every week. 

WATERPROOF & SMUDGE PROOF >> These Magnetic Lashes with Liner are waterproof and smudge-proof. You'll never have to worry about those annoying eyeliner smudges again.

VEGAN-FRIENDLY LASHES >> You deserve cruelty-free lashes. Our Magnetic Lashes are vegan friendly and never tested on animals. You'll love how they look, no one will know they're not real mink.

NO EYELASH GLUE IS REQUIRED!>> Say goodbye to messy glue! Magnetic eyeliner sticks better than any other type of adhesive

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes with Liner

The Magnetic Eyeliner enables the flawless application of Magnetic Lashes with Liner. Sweep over the eyelid, then attach the Magnetic Eyelashes to the Magnetic Liner which contains tiny Magnetic Fibres. Always shake the Magnetic Eyeliner before each use for the best results!


How to remove Magnetic Liner

When you remove your Magnetic Lashes with Liner, you have to make sure that you take good care of them afterwards. You can get up to 35 uses of the same Lashes! The Magnetic Lashes Eyeliner can be easily removed with water and a cloth! (We recommend our Magic Cloth


Gently remove your Magnetic Lashes with Liner by grabbing the outer corner and slowly pulling away from your lash line towards your inner eye corner. Make sure you are grasping the lash band and not the Lashes or magnets.

How to clean Magnetic Lashes with Liner

Clean your eyelids and the magnets on the Lashes with an oil-based cleanser or warm water. If there is any dried Magnetic Liner stuck onto the magnets, you can also use your thumbnail to scratch them off as much as possible.  

Put your Magnetic Lashes back into the Lash Sets box. Putting them onto the magnetic portion of the box will allow them to stay in good shape so that they are reusable

What's inside the eyelash box?

1 Pair of Magnetic Lashes with Liner

1 x Magnetic Eyeliner

1 x Rose Gold Compact Mirror and carry case

1 x Eyelash Application Tweezers