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False Lashes Gift Set

  • £34.99 GBP

False Lashes Gift Set

What could be more glamorous than a pair of magnetic eyelashes? Give the gift of glamour with these magnetic eyelashes. They’re designed to make your eyes stand out, whether you wear them with or without makeup. These lashes are reusable and easy to apply.

False Lashes Gift Set features:

QUICK & EASY TO APPLY >> Apply our Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes in less than 30 seconds!


REUSABLE FOR UP TO 35 DAYS >> Save money with our Magnetic Eyelashes


WATERPROOF & LIGHTWEIGHT >> Our Magnetic Lash and Liner is durable & strong, smudge-proof and as light as a feather, you may forget you are wearing them!


VEGAN-FRIENDLY >> Our Magnetic Lashes and Liner are Vegan Eyelashes and are made from Grade A Synthetic Fibres & NEVER tested on animals. 


SAY GOODBYE TO EYELASH GLUE>> No more itchy eyelids!


Our Magnetic Lashes are made from Advanced silk protein fibre.

With proper use and storage, our Lashes can be worn time and time again, they are universal and fit all eye sizes, you can even trim them for a better fit! They are so comfortable and light!

False Lashes contents

6 Pairs of Magnetic Lashes (Each Eyelash has 5 Magnets)

2 x Magnetic Eyeliner

1 x Eyelash Application Tweezers