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Thick Lashes

  • £28.99 GBP

Thick Lashes

This is a dramatic set of lashes, perfect for a night out. Long and thick, these lashes are not only dramatic but super long-lasting. You'll love how easy it is to use these thick lashes. The magnetics are attached to the lash band, making it easy to apply the lashes to your lash line with magnetic eyeliner.

Magnetic Lashes features

FAST MESS FREE APPLICATION>> Say goodbye to eyelash glue and say hey to magnetic lashes. Magnetic eyeliner connects easily without any glue required.

VEGAN LASHES>> We are Laura's Lashes and we want to be cruelty-free. Our Thick Lashes come with vegan ingredients so you don't need mink lashes 

WATERPROOF>> Our Thick Lashes are waterproof and have a strong magnetic liquid. You'll never have to worry about eye makeup running again