Lash Magnetics
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Lash Magnetics


Get the best lashes ever. You'll love the way you look thanks to Lash Magnetics!

Lash Magnetics is truly the new way to boost the look of your eyes while maintaining that natural look that everyone loves. These attractive magnetic lashes can be used on any occasion, even if you’re not wearing makeup! Just apply them to your lash line using an applicator brush, and you’ll instantly get the beautiful look of more vibrant eyelashes. Lash Magnetics is an affordable alternative to false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, and they come in different styles like strip lashes or Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes

Our Magnetic Lashes are made from high-quality synthetic material and have never been tested on Animals. We only sell Faux Mink Lashes


Available in a variety of glamourous styles, our safety-tested design our Magnetic Lashes flawlessly fit any eye shape. Wear your Magnetic Eyelashes without Eyeliner any time, day or night to look your best for every occasion

Apply, remove, repeat. Lash Magnetics is our secret weapon!

Magnetic Lashes are becoming more and more popular now. We know that almost everyone wants thicker, longer, and more beautiful Lashes. Our Magnetic Lashes give you just that, while at the same time, they are very easy to use and comfortable to wear.
Our different styles of Magnetic Lashes without Liner meet the needs of different occasions, so you can enjoy different sets of Natural Looking Magnetic Lashes that can be used daily or long and volumized Magnetic Eyelashes that can suit everyday looks and even Party Lashes as you like. Finally, the dramatic-looking bold Lash Magnetics give you a perfect look during special events!

Lash Magnetics - They Won't Fall Off!


• Magnetic Eyelashes without Eyeliner made from 100% premium materials

• Get high-quality lashes without the fuss

• Never worry about losing your lashes again

• Enhance your natural beauty with Lash Magnetics

• Lash Magnetics won't irritate your eyes or damage your Natural Lashes

• Magnetic technology secures your Magnetic Lashes in place until you're ready to remove them

• All day, long-lasting magnetic lashes


Imagine not worrying about forgetting your lashes again!

You know the feeling- you wake up in the morning and decide you want to wear lashes but forget to put them on before heading out.

. Imagine simply using lash magnets to attract your lashes quickly and easily every day.

That's why Laura's Lashes Magnetic Lashes are perfect for anyone who hates the hassle of mascara, eyeliner, and false lashes!

If you wear mascara, there's a chance that your lashes can end up clumpy and limp. But there are ways to avoid this problem!

 Lash Magnetics Model

Imagine not having to worry about clumpy or limp lashes ever again. Your lashes will be soft and full with little to no effort. You'll finally get that beautiful lash look you've always wanted.

And now it can happen with Laura's Lashes Lash Magnetics eyelash extension kits. Make the switch today and let us show you how easy it is.

• Lash Magnetics make it easy to add volume, length, and fullness in seconds

• With Magnetic Lashes you get fuller lashes without the mess

• Get ready for attention-grabbing lashes with Magnetic Lashes

• Voluminous lashes in seconds? Yes, please.