Self Adhesive Eyelashes

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Here we have the world's quickest and easiest self-adhesive lashes. Our eyelashes are so easy to apply that they can be done without glue in just seconds!


In a hurry? No problem! self-adhesive eyelashes are the quickest and easiest false lashes to apply in the universe! Our pre-glued lashes are natural-looking and beautiful! There really is no reason not to have beautiful eyelashes every single day! 

Our Pre Glued Lashes are perfect as a spare in your handbag and a brilliant addition to your makeup collection. Our self-adhesive lashes are also reusable eyelashes!

Self-adhesive eyelashes are a genius way to get glamorous, natural-looking lashes without spending hours applying false ones. They're easy to apply and can last up to 10 wears. Plus they're reusable, so you'll save money in the long run!


Natural Self Adhesive Lashes

✨ Easy application

✨ Natural look

✨ Reusable


Self Adhesive Lashes


♥ Handbag friendly👜

No more glue! and no more waiting for your eyelashes to dry with Self Adhesive Eyelashes 😍


Self-Adhesive Lashes features:

* Pre-glued false lashes that look completely natural
* No Glue is needed to apply!
* Light, Soft, and Comfortable to wear!
* Make your eyes look bright and attractive in seconds!
* Easy to wear!
* No skin irritation!
* Durable, reusable, and can be worn for 7-10 days!

Vegan Eyelashes

Applying Self Adhesive Lashes

Step 1. Start with a clean eyelid without makeup.

Step 2. Remove the first Pre Glued Eyelashes from the plastic packaging. Be careful to only touch the adhesive strip until necessary to avoid making the lashes lose their stickiness.

Step 2. Use a pair of tweezers and hold the lash close to your lid, but do not touch the sticky edge of the lid just yet.

Step 3. Look at the adhesive strip edge. Does it match the width of your own eyelid or do you need to trim it? If it is longer, trim it down to size using a small pair of embroidery scissors. Trim just a few hairs at a time until the strip is the size you need.

Step 4. Close the eye on which you are placing the false eyelash strip.
Place the edge of the strip right up to where your natural lash line starts. However, be careful not to put the sticky edge directly on your own lashes or removal will be painful.

Step 5. Use the blunt side of your tweezers to press the strip down carefully but firmly.

Step 6. Repeat with the other eye.


Reinvent the lashes game with our self-adhesive false lashes.


👍 Quick application - no need for glue

👍 More cost-effective than lash extensions or individual fake eyelash purchases

👍 Fantastic addition to an existing makeup routine or a spare eyelash kit