How to apply Magnetic Lashes

How to apply Magnetic Lashes

It’s no doubt that false lashes are getting more acceptance than they used to. People seek to look more attractive and beautiful by the day and false lashes play a vital role. The lashes of a lady go a long way to determine how charming and attractive she looks. 

False lashes date back to as far as the 1800s and have evolved ever since then. Glue Lashes come with some complications and it led to Innovation and research. These innovations and research brought about magnetic eyelashes. The magnetic lashes were made to eliminate complications that come with glue on Lashes 

Magnetic eyelashes are almost like the regular glue lashes, only that they do not require Eyelash Glue to stick to your natural lashes. Rather than adhesive glue, magnets are made available for this type of eyelash. The fact that this does not require glue makes it more appealing for use on natural eyelashes. The magnet attached to the strip lashes are tiny and this helps to create a seamless makeup look.


How do Magnetic Lashes Work?

How do Magnetic Lashes work?

I’m sure you are wondering how they work, I was wondering the same when I first heard of them. Anyways, for each eye, a pair of magnetic lashes are made available and they have magnets on them. The magnetic eyelashes will be placed on top and below the original lashes. So, it’s safe to say that the magnetic eyelashes entail sandwiching your original lashes between two strips bound together by magnets.

Fixing magnetic lashes can be quite a daunting task especially when you are new to them. It requires one to be meticulous and precise with actions when learning to fix them. But after series of practices and use, it becomes easier to wear magnetic lashes.

If you are looking to quit glue lashes and start using magnetic lashes, then this article is for you. This extensive guide shows you how to apply magnetic eyelashes. Also, this article will guide you on how to apply lashes with magnetic eyeliner.


How to apply magnetic eyelashes

Get the right magnetic eyelashes

When learning how to apply magnetic lashes, it is important that you figure out which lash suits you best. Just like other false lashes, magnetic lashes come in different styles to meet different looks. There is a wide range to choose from, so find what you prefer. Kindly check out our magnetic eyeliner lashes here.

Curl your lashes

After choosing the right magnetic lashes that suit your style, the next thing to do is to curl your lashes. With an eyelash curler, a solid base is created for the magnetic lashes to stick properly.

Apply Mascara

The next thing to do is to apply mascara to your eyelashes. Applying mascara will help your natural lashes to blend with the magnetic lashes. Also, applying the mascara before the magnetic lashes helps improve your original lashes texture; an improved texture of the natural eyelashes will be helpful when fixing the magnetic lashes. With regular falsies, mascara is applied after fixing the lashes, but that is not the case with Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes

Place the top lashes

Once the natural eyelashes are set and ready, you can place the top magnetic lashes. Get the top lash and place it on your lash. While doing this, make it very close to your lash line. Also, try to balance the top lashes on your natural lashes. This part of applying magnetic lashes can be the most complicated one, especially when you are new to it. It can be very tricky at the beginning, but with more practice and use, the process gets easier.

Place the lower lashes

Once the top lash has been placed properly on your lash line, pick the lower lash and put it right below the natural lash, but in line with your lash line. Once this is done correctly, the lower lash magnets the upper lash and that’s all. If the lashes feel a bit out of place, you can adjust them with your finger.

Don’t forget that this whole process only get’s easier and simpler with practice.


FAQ About Applying Magnetic Lashes

How long does it take to apply a magnetic lash?

Applying a magnetic lash does not require much time. Unlike glue lashes, applying a magnetic lash can take less than 2 minutes. In some cases, it will only take seconds to apply. What actually determines how long it takes is how good you are at applying them. If you are new to applying magnetic lashes, it can take several minutes, but with practice, one can master the process and only a few minutes will be all that is needed.

What are the methods to use when applying magnetic lashes?

When applying magnetic lashes, there are two main ways to fix the lashes onto your natural lashes. You can apply the lashes either with your fingers or with a lash applicator/tweezers. They are both effective and helpful when applying lashes. Although, lash applicators are known to be more accurate and easier to use.

Can a Magnetic Lash be applied on a windy day?

Yes, you can apply magnetic lashes on windy days. Magnetic lashes stick very well especially when placed properly. The magnets in the upper and lower lashes clip firmly to the natural lashes to avoid falling off even in windy situations.

Can mascara be applied on magnetic lashes?

You can apply mascara on your magnetic lashes, but it is not advisable. If you must use mascara, then it should be on the natural lashes before wearing the magnetic lashes. Mascara on the magnetic lashes makes it look less natural. Also, mascara on magnetic lashes will affect the longevity of the lashes.

Can the magnetic lashes stay on all day?

Yes, they can. So long they are applied properly, they can stay on all day without drifting or being a problem.

Do I need to clean the lashes?

You can clean them. To clean a magnetic lash, you will need an oil-free makeup remover.


How to remove magnetic lashes

To remove the magnetic lashes is as easy as applying them. Here is how to go about it.

  • Step 1

Gently take off the magnetic lashes by holding the outer corner and slowly pulling it away from your lash line. While removing the lashes, make sure you don’t drag it by the magnets or lashes, rather hold the lash band.

  • Step 2

After removing the magnetic lashes, you are to clean them. You can use an oil-free makeup cleaner as it will help clean makeup on the lashes. 


How to apply magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner

Magnetic Eyeliner

Applying a magnetic eyeliner lashes isn’t that complex either. All that is required is a bit of practice in order to master the process. Here are the steps to take when applying a magnetic lash with a liner.

Apply the magnetic eyeliner

To apply magnetic lashes with liner, the first thing to do is to apply the magnetic eyeliner. Start by shaking the magnetic eyeliner bottle before using it. Make the brush damp and not dripping with the product (excess product on the brush won’t help create a straight line).

Gently draw a line with the eyeliner along your eye shape. While doing this, endeavor to extend the liner to the end. In case you have no eyelashes, just follow your lash line.

Apply the magnetic eyelashes

As you would apply a magnetic eyelash, use an eyelash applicator or your finger to place the magnetic eyelash above your original eyelashes. While doing this make sure the magnets align correctly with the eyeliner line before it has dried. In case the eyeliner has dried, you can add more. Once the magnetic lashes are in place with the eyeliner, you are good to go. The eyeliner holds the lashes perfectly well when done correctly. There are no bottom lashes to apply with Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes

How to remove the magnetic lashes with eyeliner

  • Step 1

To remove the magnetic lashes, gently remove the lashes from the corners. Use a magnetic eyeliner cleansing oil and cotton pad to clean off the eyeliner from your eyelid.

  • Step 2

After removing the magnetic lashes, use an oil-free cleanser and cotton pad to clean them. Do not use magnetic eyeliner cleansing oil to clean the magnetic lashes as it can have a negative effect on the magnets.

Importance of magnetic lashes

  1. Unlike the glue lashes, magnetic lashes have more advantages. Magnetic lashes were made to serve better than glue lashes and here are some advantages of magnetic lashes.
  2. Eye-friendly: Magnetic lashes have no side effects on the eyes. Magnets have no negative effects on the eyes when placed on the eyelid. Also, magnetic eyeliners contain FDA-approved components such as iron oxides.
  3. Void of eyelash glue and adhesive: Unlike regular glue on lashes, magnetic lashes do not require glues or adhesives during application.
  4. Easy to use and easy to remove: Regardless of how much practice one has made with the glue lashes, magnetic lashes are easier to use. Within a few minutes, a magnetic lash can be applied correctly.
  5. Reusable Eyelashes: Magnetic lashes are designed to last longer. Unlike glue lashes that can be disposed after each use, magnetic lashes can be used over and over again. All that is needed is proper storing and cleaning after use.
  6. Can be resized: Magnetic lashes can be cut to suit the desired size.
  7. Friendly to natural lashes: Unlike glue lashes, magnetic lashes have no side effects on natural lashes.
  8. Works without eyelashes: In a case where one has little to no natural eyelashes, with the help of magnetic eyeliners, magnetic lashes can be used.


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