Eyelashes with Magnets

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Get ready to make a big impression! Our eyelashes with magnets are the perfect accessory for the fashionable woman. 

Our Lashes with Magnets are easy to apply and remove, so you can wear them for a night out or keep them on all day! Available in over 30 different styles! Find your perfect Magnetic Eyelash!

Magnetic Lashes

Eyelashes with Magnets features:


FAST & EASY APPLICATION Say goodbye to painful lash glue and say hello to magnetic lashes. Magnetic eyeliner that connects easily without any glue required. 

VEGAN LASHES ⭐ We at Laura's Lashes want to be cruelty-free. Our Magnetic Eyelashes come with vegan ingredients so you don't need mink lashes 

WATERPROOF ⭐ Our Magnetic Eyelashes Kit is waterproof and has a strong magnetic liquid. You'll never have to worry about eye makeup running again!



Now you can swim, sweat, and even cry and your magnetic lashes will still look flawless!


Find out for yourself why we are the best Magnetic Lashes shop in the UK with over 5000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews!

Magnetic Lashes UK

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What's inside the Eyelashes with Magnets Box?

3 / 5 Pairs of Magnetic Eyelashes

1 x Magnetic Eyeliner

1 x Eyelash Application Tweezers

A whole load of confidence!

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How to Apply Eyelashes with Magnets?

Applying Eyelashes with magnets

To apply magnetic lashes, the first thing to do is to apply the magnetic eyeliner. Start by shaking the magnetic eyeliner bottle before using it. Make the brush damp and not dripping with the product (excess product on the brush won’t help create a straight line).

Gently draw a line with the eyeliner along with your eye shape. While doing this extend the liner to the end. In case you have no eyelashes, just follow your lash line.

Apply the magnetic lashes

As you would apply a magnetic eyelash, use an eyelash applicator or your finger to place the magnetic eyelash above your original eyelashes. While doing this make sure the magnets align correctly with the eyeliner line before it has dried. In case the eyeliner has dried, you can add more. Once the magnetic lashes are in place with the eyeliner, you are good to go. The eyeliner holds the lashes perfectly well when done correctly. There are no bottom lashes to apply with Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes



How to remove the magnetic lashes with eyeliner

Step 1

To remove the magnetic lashes, gently remove the lashes from the corners. Use a magnetic eyeliner cleansing oil and cotton pad to clean off the eyeliner from your eyelid.

Step 2

After removing the magnetic lashes, use an oil-free cleanser and cotton pad to clean them. Do not use magnetic eyeliner cleansing oil to clean the magnetic lashes as it can harm the magnets.



Magnetic Eyeliner not for you? Then Experience new magnetic lashes from Laura's Lashes, without the need for eyeliner. The Magnetic Lashes without Liner are perfect for those who want to have a beautifully full and thick lash line.


Magnetic Lashes without Liner


Magnetic Lashes - These will not smudge or shift during wear! They're Reusable - You can wear them as many times as you want! So Many Styles - You'll find something perfect for any look!

Magnetic Eyelashes Kit - Use these magnetic eyelashes to glam up your look any time! These lashes are easy to apply and remove, so you can wear them all day or just for a night out. Available in 20 different styles!

Give A Fun Look - With so many different styles available, there's a pair to match any occasion! Easy To Apply - Put on these lashes like mascara! It's never been easier than with these magnetic eyelashes!