Magnetic Lashes without Liner

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Magnetic Lashes without Liner

The easy way to glamorous lashes. Magnetic Lashes without Liner - Laura's Lashes are designed for a perfect fit. No more struggling with strip lashes with glue that won't stay on or overpriced eyelash extensions that don't last. Available in a variety of different styles, our safety tested Magnetic Lashes without Liner flawlessly fits any eye shape. Wear your Magnetic Lashes any time, day or night to look your best for any occasion!

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Magnetic Lashes with applicator

Our Magnetic Lashes without Liner come with our amazing Rose Gold Eyelash Tweezers to make the application of our Magnetic Lashes easier than ever to apply!


Magnetic Lashes Applicator
When applying magnetic lashes, there are two main ways to fix the Magnetic Lashes without Liner onto your natural lashes. You can apply the lashes either with your fingers or with lash applicator tweezers. They are both effective and helpful when applying Magnetic Lashes.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes without Liner

Before you apply Magnetic Lashes without Liner, add a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes to enhance the final look. This technique also gives your Magnetic Eyelashes without Eyeliner something to cling onto, which makes application much easier. 

  • Step 2: Apply The Top Lashes

When you get your lash kit, you’ll notice a top row and bottom row. As you may have guessed, the top row is designated for the top of your lashes, and the bottom row is designated for underneath your top lashes.

To get started, take the first top row lash and place it as close to the lash line as you can get.

  • Step 3: Apply The Bottom Lashes

Next, you’ll take the bottom row lash and place it underneath your top lashes, as close to the lash line as you can get.

The magnet strips will connect as you do this, locking your Eyelashes with Magnets in place.

If you need to adjust, simply grab the corner of each lash strip gently and pull to reposition.

How to apply Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes without Liner features

  • Safe for everyday use, the glue-free design won't irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes.



What's inside the eyelash box?

2 Pairs of Magnetic Lashes without Liner

Rose Gold Eyelash Applicator Tweezers